Blue feathers

Hey peeps…

It’s time for spring?? I think it is!!! But when is the time to wear short sleeves , jacket , low sneakers ….I do not know either. I know in this outfit post I was combining this wool coat in navy blue color with petrol cashmere sweater and office pants (I call them so). These were interesting for the buttons and of course because they can be worn through  the hole year. And sneakers? Hm, till now I did not even wear them becauseI did not like them at all and now the priorities have changed and these sneakers are pretty special Feathers give a special impression don’t you think?!?!?

Be inspired…


COAT : Zara (old)


PANTS : Zara (old)

SHOES : Zara

BAG : Manor (old)

WATCH : Fossil

Pictures :Tatiana Garcia Marquez

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